Cobb Salad/Lemon and Parmesan Crusted Salmon

Okay, I’m officially declaring myself a “salad girl.”

My thinking before this meal was: “salads…….ew……healthy…….want. chocolate.”

That’s it in a nutshell.

But this was delicious. I had an idea of cobb salad being a dish that includes everything but the kitchen sink and that description about sums it up.

There was bacon, avocado, tomato, blue cheese, hard boiled eggs, and just about anything else you could possibly want to toss in there.

I packed this salad to go so I could meet up with my husband for a school function. At some point I think I blacked out and woke up sitting at his desk, obsessively munching away on it looking for any piece of bacon or avocado I could find and shouting to the world, “I’M A SALAD GIRL.”

You think I’m exaggerating…

This salad was insanely, astonishingly delicious. You normal people out there are probably thinking, “It’s a salad….big whoop…there’s lettuce and dressing, get over it.”

However, my life is forever changed.

The saddest part about all of this is that the salad looked so beautiful after I piled all of the add-ins on top of the lettuce. Silly me thought I could go ahead and shake the container to mix up everything and it would still be beautiful and perfect. Well, it was to me, but not enough for the picture.

Almost forgot to mention: the lemon vinaigrette dressing was literal perfection in a tangily, satisfying, liquidy little package.

Recipe here.

Another day, another delicious salmon recipe that of course is delicious because it’s salmon. If salmon were my child, it would be the perfect first-born that could do no wrong. Or the baby that was even more sweet and perfect than the first-born (shout-out to my parents for secretly thinking I’m their favorite even though they’ve never said it out loud!).

Crunchy bread crumbs…..flaky fillet… better combination.

I’m always amazed at how easy salmon is to cook. Toss it in the oven and it comes out 20ish minutes later looking perfect. It’s so versatile. You can marinate it, top it, grill it, literally anything. Maybe I’ll name my first-born Salmon instead of Hershey. I should make a poll……

Anyway, make this dish. It’s fast, easy, and delicious.

Recipe here.

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Cornbread and Bacon-Stuffed Pork Chops/Balsamic-Glazed Root Vegetables

Guys, I truly outdid myself with these pork chops. This turned into one of my proudest kitchen moments.

I’m drooling thinking about this dish….

It was sooo delicious. The cornbread and bacon were enough moisture that I didn’t need any sauces to accompany the pork.

I just don’t have enough words to describe this dish.

The hardest part was cutting out the pockets for the stuffing. Worth it.

Recipe here.

In complete opposite news…. These vegetables were a fail. I accidentally burned the veggies (only pieces of them) and the balsamic glaze turned into a scary black goop that reminded me of fern gully.

It was bad. But I tasted it so it counts as done!

Also, I’d never had parsnips before, but I didn’t mind them!

Since this dish was a fail and I had to wait 45 more minutes for the pork chops to cook, I munched on the wheat berry salad from the other day and it was still as delicious as I remembered!

Recipe here.

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Wheat Berry Salad/Cheesy Pizza Casserole

I had to go to the nearest whole foods (40 minutes away) just to find these dang wheat berries. And even the cashier didn’t know what they were!

But let me tell you, they were actually really good! It functions similarly to quinoa as a rice or pasta substitute. It had a nuttier flavor.

I really liked it in this dish mixed with all the veggies! The dressing also really tied everything together!

Recipe here.

I’m ashamed to admit I had another doh! moment. My timer went off, I went to take the casserole out of the oven, noticed it wasn’t quite as hot and bubbly as I expected, and realized I turned the oven off at some point. Fail.

Not knowing exactly when I turned the oven off, I reheated it, and put the casserole in the oven for 15 minutes. Since the pasta and beef were already cooked, it turned out okay. Actually, delicious! I’ll never hate a dish that includes pasta sauce and copious amounts of cheese.

My husband got home late and devoured it almost as soon as he smelled it. Success!

Recipe here.

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Caesar Salad/Creamy Chicken and Vegetables with Noodles

Ooo this was a good salad recipe. I have never made dressing from scratch, but it was delicious. I also felt super legit using anchovy paste.

I thought Caesar dressing was needed for a caesar salad, but a quick wikipedia search informed me that the dressing recipe in the cookbook is how it’s traditionally made!

The lemon juice perfectly balanced out the Worcester sauce. I wish I had enough ingredients to make another salad tonight!

Recipe here.

My favorite part about this chicken recipe was the cream cheese required. It clung to the noodles and made everything so creamy! I’d love to find a way to make this a one pot dish!

Recipe here.

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Chicken Quesadilla Sandwiches/Asparagus with Parmesan


Ok, so I’m not sure what makes these chicken quesadilla SANDWICHES. They’re literally just chicken quesadillas. And pretty dang good ones at that. I loved the little green pepper throughout. I’m expanding my palette!

This was super easy, and super quick. The husband loved it!

I just checked and the online recipe just says “Chicken Quesadillas.” The word sandwiches is in the book though! Believe me!

Recipe here.

The last time I tried to roast asparagus in the oven I ended up with a dry, crispy, disgusting fry of an asparagus. So I was a little apprehensive when it came to this dish. It was good though!

Besides, anything smothered in cheese is going to be delicious.

Recipe here.

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Puffy Omelet/Dijon Chicken Smothered in Mushrooms/Herbed Tomato and Potato Salad

The puffy omelet was exactly what it sounds like…. a puffy omelet.

I was a little sleepy when I cooked this dish and forgot to mix the egg whites and yolks back together before starting to cook it. So I had to scrap my cooking egg yolks and crack four more eggs.

I’m learning people! Also, I’m still working on my food photography skills. Sorry!

I made some cheese sauce to go with it. It tasted like eggs and cheese. Not a bad combination!

Recipe here.

I can’t say enough about this chicken recipe. I discovered my love of dijon mustard not too long ago so I was excited to get to add it to another dish!

The breaded chicken was good in itself, but when I added the dijon-mushroom sauce, it sent it over the top. My husband was a huge huge fan. He even sheepishly fessed up later that he was beginning to like mushrooms! Score!

Recipe here.

The tomato and potato salad recipe was very different from things I usually make in the kitchen. I don’t usually go for cold salads so I had to branch out a little on this one.

I have to confess…. I liked it a little. You know how much I love cooked tomatoes. This dish included raw ones. Alas, I’m determined to become a grown up so I beared it and popped the smallest piece I could find into my mouth. Not bad!

The vinegar added a tanginess that really complimented the sweetness of the tomatoes! I couldn’t get my husband on board but I gotta keep thinking, “baby steps.”

Recipe here.

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Chicken Marsala/Roasted Vegetables/S’mores Swirl Bread


Y’all, I can’t tell you how fancy I felt cooking with cooking wine. Does this make me legit now?

I convinced my husband to help me out with this meal (he wasn’t complaining, he got to hammer down the chicken to make it thinner). We don’t have a meat tenderizer so I had him use an actual hammer. It worked! He even breaded the chicken for me!

The chicken was cooked beautifully but I think I burned some of the mushrooms. I always expect skillet-cooked chicken to be dry, but this one wasn’t at all.

I served it over pasta like Betty suggested and it was an amazing dish!

Recipe here.

I didn’t realize how many assorted vegetable recipes there were in this cookbook. And they’re all just a little different.

These vegetables were to be roasted in the oven. This has been my favorite vegetable dish to prepare so far. I just put it on a pan and leave it in the oven. No standing at the stove stirring every few seconds.

It had my favorite……tomatoes! AND get this you guys, my husband tried a mushroom AND a piece of bell pepper. And he liked it! I’m so proud! *tears up*

Recipe here.

And finally, my favorite recipe of the day…..S’MORES BREAD!!!! Anything that has the word s’mores in front of it is going to be delicious. S’mores frappachinos…..s’mores…..and anything else that is s’mores flavored (I’ll think of some later). This bread was certainly not an exception.

I didn’t have chocolate bars so I just used milk chocolate chips and they were just as delicious! The graham cracker crumbs both on top and inside the bread gave it a crunchy texture that is still making me drool thinking about it.

The best part about only cooking for two people is I get to snack on this dessert for the rest of the week! I might share with my husband if he’s lucky.

Recipe here.

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