Cinnamon Rolls with Vanilla Glaze/Sangria/Grilled Mediterranean Foil Packs

Oooo these cinnamon rolls. They’re sweet, gooey, and all around delicious. Heaven will be a room filled to the brim with these babies.

As long as you’re patient, these rolls are a breeze. I made double the amount of filling asked for. Smart choice. You can’t have enough cinnamon filling.

I made some vanilla glaze to go on top and just poured it right on. If heaven isn’t a room filled to the brim with these cinnamon rolls, it will be a room filled to the brim with this vanilla glaze.

The recipe I used is found as an alternative to the caramel sticky roll recipe and has the dough made from scratch. I found this recipe on the website that I’m sure is equally as amazing.

I’d heard of sangria and figured it was a juicier wine drink. I hit the nail on the head. Literally just orange juice, lemon juice, sugar, and wine. If you don’t like the bitterness of wine, this recipe is for you.

Of course the wine was a little watered down so you’d really drink this mostly for the taste.

Easy, simple, idiot-proof. That’s the kind of recipe I need!

Recipe here.

I had to defrost the chicken for these foil packs which took awhile and it caused there to be a ton of juice in the pack once everything was cooked.

No problem. I just put everything on a plate before serving it up.

I usually cook chicken by tossing it in the oven on a baking sheet frozen so I’m used to my chicken turning out super dry. This foil method trapped the steam in with the chicken so it was really moist and juicy. I LOVED it! Two of my roma tomatoes were looking a little worse for wear so I tossed in some cherry tomatoes to make up for it.

My husband declared today that he really likes cherry tomatoes. I’m so good.

He’s still not a fan of roma tomatoes though. We’ll get there.

Recipe here.

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Cornbread and Bacon-Stuffed Pork Chops/Balsamic-Glazed Root Vegetables

Guys, I truly outdid myself with these pork chops. This turned into one of my proudest kitchen moments.

I’m drooling thinking about this dish….

It was sooo delicious. The cornbread and bacon were enough moisture that I didn’t need any sauces to accompany the pork.

I just don’t have enough words to describe this dish.

The hardest part was cutting out the pockets for the stuffing. Worth it.

Recipe here.

In complete opposite news…. These vegetables were a fail. I accidentally burned the veggies (only pieces of them) and the balsamic glaze turned into a scary black goop that reminded me of fern gully.

It was bad. But I tasted it so it counts as done!

Also, I’d never had parsnips before, but I didn’t mind them!

Since this dish was a fail and I had to wait 45 more minutes for the pork chops to cook, I munched on the wheat berry salad from the other day and it was still as delicious as I remembered!

Recipe here.

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Eggplant Parmigiana/Family Favorite Mac & Cheese/Fabulous Three-Berry Tart

This eggplant parmigiana was legiiiiit. I fried the eggplants AND cooked them. I’d never had eggplants before and, honestly, I couldn’t really taste them that well in the dish.

If a dish is smothered in tons of tomato sauce and cheese, chances are I’m going to love it. And this was no exception. Plus, it looked really pretty piecing it together. I’m sure this is a great vegetarian dish!

Recipe here.

I thought my life was going to be changed upon eating this mac and cheese. Turns out, I’m a much simpler girl than I thought and prefer the velveeta and milk version. This dish was great and I loved alllll the cheese. I think cooking the pasta and then baking the mac and cheese gave it a mushy texture that I’m personally not a huge fan of.

I do think people need to give this dish a try! There’s no such thing as bad mac and cheese, right?

Recipe here.

I didn’t have a tart pan so I ended up having to use my pie dish. Just imagine it’s all pretty and set out!

Easy, creamy, sweet. I can’t complain! I made the mistake of using frozen fruit so they didn’t turn out as pretty as I wanted, but they’re still delicious!

Recipe here.

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Oven Fried Chicken/Hash Brown Potatoes/Dinner Rolls

Man oh man. This chicken was legit and it looked beautiful coming out of the oven. The only thing wrong is that it turned out a little dry. I’m cautious with my chicken, sometimes maybe too cautious. I let it cook a little longer than recommended. My bad.

Huge props to my sweet husband for cutting up a whole chicken. I couldn’t stomach tearing it apart and he pulled through like a champ. He felt very proud of himself the rest of the day and I don’t blame him!

Recipe here.

The hash brown potatoes were a lot of fun to prep and cook. I got to shred potatoes! This dish was so easy yet so complex. I opted for the cheesy version by topping it with healthy amounts of cheddar. You know it’s good when everyone eating gets seconds!

The exact recipe is not online, but there’s a similar, yet more complicated recipe here.

I admit, the dinner rolls are another repeat recipe. They still turn out delicious every single time. Plus, I love getting to use my little bread basket my nana gave me.

Recipe here.

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Homemade Baked Beans/Asparagus and Turkey Sausage Skillet/Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies

So next time I decide to make something I could easily buy in a can from complete scratch, I’ll check to see how long it will take. I thought I could just whip these up for dinner. It takes at least four and a half hours! I was NOT about to wait until 10 at night to eat dinner so I pulled out the crockpot and baked them over the next day.

They looked, smelled, and tasted delicious! It made me want to cook up a burger and have a cookout with the neighborhood! And the crockpot made it so much easier.

I couldn’t find the exact recipe online, so here’s a crockpot version.

I have failed you small handful of people that read these posts. I forgot to take a picture of my turkey sausage skillet. I’m so sorry.

Just open the recipe on my girl’s website, look at the picture, and imagine it taken with a cell phone in a poorly lit kitchen.

It looked amazing and it tasted delicious. I enjoyed cooking with pimentos since I’d never gotten to use them before! It was also really easy. A one-pot dish!

Recipe here.

Cookies!!!!! I feel like the cookie monster right now!!!! I love cookies!!!!! This recipe was simple, easy, and I only had to make one unexpected trip to Walmart for more ingredients.

My husband even got in on the fun and helped me dole them out.

The thing I love about the Betty Crocker cookbook is that there are tons of tips on little things you can do to really perfect each dish (cooking on cooled baking sheets, leveling out ingredients, and tons more).

Recipe here.

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Apple Butter/Easy Cream Biscuits/Fried Rice

Y’all, let me tell you, this apple butter was so much fun to make! I felt totally legit chopping up chunks of green apples and tossing it into a dutch oven with the spices and letting it simmer for hours! Plus, I got to use my new massive dutch oven I just got from my sweet mom for my birthday!

My favorite part about getting to make this recipe is that it made a ton of apple butter that I get to share with my family. I distributed it into 5 mason jars and will be their personal delivery girl tonight! I love being able to love them with food!

I had never had apple butter before either, but it was delicious! I always shied away from it at Cracker Barrel because, I mean, the strawberry jelly was right there. But I’m a believer. And this stuff is goooood. I googled what else you can put apple butter on and there are options! It’s not just for biscuits!

Recipe here.

Biscuits are a southern staple and these Easy Cream Biscuits don’t lie. They are super easy! Plus, they’re impossible to mess up unless you just forget them in the oven. I topped them with the homemade apple butter and it made a perfect start to my day.

I learned that I need a biscuit cutter. I had to use a mason jar lid for these!

Recipe here.

I have to admit, I’ve made this fried rice recipe before. I LOVE chicken fried rice and this is a foolproof recipe. I still remember the first time I made it, it changed my life (you think I’m kidding). It was shortly after my husband and I got married and I remember thinking, “hey, I could actually do this. I can COOK!”

For some reason, ever since then, I have been absolutely unable to cook rice so that it doesn’t turn out mushy. I can’t get the hang of the boil-then-simmer. Simmering is an anomaly to me. Advice is much much needed/appreciated!

I ran out of chicken after the previous night’s dinner, the husband was out of town, and I was feeling lazy, so I didn’t bother adding meat to this dish. It was still good!

Plus, I love feeling like a serious cook by getting to use my wok!

Recipe here.

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