Fettuccine Alfredo/Chocolate Mousse

Whew, I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to update you guys on one of my favorite dishes!

I’ve always thought alfredo sauce was just cheese sauce….it turns out it’s a lot more delicious than that.

There’s whipping cream, and other stuff I can’t remember right now. But it is sooooo good. It’s definitely a little heavier than say pasta and marinara, but it fills you up so much quicker and really satisfies your appetite.

I loved it, my husband loved it, I’m sure other people would have loved it if we made enough to share.

Btw, if you’re wondering, yes, I did have to google how to spell “fettuccine.”

Recipe here.

This chocolate mousse is not for non chocolate lovers. I’m obsessed with chocolate. My husband buys me one of those XL Hershey’s bars pretty much once a week. My favorite flavor of ice cream is Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy. Any I’m naming my firstborn Hershey. Okay, the last one is a lie, but you get the point.

This mousse was too chocolatey for me! I put in the correct amount asked for and everything!

Nevertheless, I loved the texture and how it was light yet dense at the same time. My husband made several jokes about me cooking a moose for dessert. It was funny the first 15 times he said it…. ūüôā

Recipe here.

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Country French Chicken and Rice/Whoopie Pies

Oooo this dish was so fancy! I felt so french! I loved that I didn’t have to cook the rice separately. It all cooked in the same dish! It’s practically idiot-proof (unless you’re me and don’t check to make sure the chicken is cooked all the way before serving it to your darling, patient husband).

I also accidentally cook rice too long so that it’s unbearable mushy, but this way, it was a breeze and turned out great! I’ll be a pro chef in no time,¬†oui oui!

Recipe here.

I’ve never had homemade whoopee pies and these are sinful. I was a little heavy handed on the creme filling so I had to pick the prettiest ones and then freeze them for about 10 minutes before I could take this picture. without them sliding apart.

I think I got about 12 cavities from one of these babies…..worth it!

Recipe here.

Quick shoutout- I’ve been watching a lot of the¬†food network¬†lately for ~inspiration~ and because we got sling and that’s one of the best channels on there. And I discovered¬†Trisha’s Southern Kitchen,¬†a show featuring Trisha Yearwood.

–I can’t forget my girl, the¬†Pioneer Woman,¬†always number one on my show queue–¬†

But, she made a drink on her show called a Porch Punch and my mind could think of nothing else the rest of the day. All I had to buy to make it was fresh mint leaves so I made it happen. I made a pitcher and oooooo it is so smooth.

Try it.

It’s so freaking good.

Recipe here.

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Eggplant Parmigiana/Family Favorite Mac & Cheese/Fabulous Three-Berry Tart

This eggplant parmigiana was legiiiiit. I fried the eggplants AND cooked them. I’d never had eggplants before and, honestly, I couldn’t really taste them that well in the dish.

If a dish is smothered in tons of tomato sauce and cheese, chances are I’m going to love it. And this was no exception. Plus, it looked really pretty piecing it together. I’m sure this is a great vegetarian dish!

Recipe here.

I thought my life was going to be changed upon eating this mac and cheese. Turns out, I’m a much simpler girl than I thought and prefer the velveeta and milk version. This dish was great and I loved alllll the cheese. I think cooking the pasta and then baking the mac and cheese gave it a mushy texture that I’m personally not a huge fan of.

I do think people need to give this dish a try! There’s no such thing as bad mac and cheese, right?

Recipe here.

I didn’t have a tart pan so I ended up having to use my pie dish. Just imagine it’s all pretty and set out!

Easy, creamy, sweet. I can’t complain! I made the mistake of using frozen fruit so they didn’t turn out as pretty as I wanted, but they’re still delicious!

Recipe here.

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Honey Mustard Glazed Salmon/Easy Key Lime Pie


Oh my goodness you guys, I freaking love salmon. Seriously. It is so good and when it’s marinaded in a soy sauce brown sugar marinade, I could die immediately and go to heaven.


So good.


In all seriousness, this recipe was so easy. I feel like inexperienced chefs (like me) get intimidated by salmon. It seems like such a fancy dish (fancy meaning, not using cheap chicken) that it should be too hard for the average cook.

I cannot stress how easy this meal was to make. I popped it in the oven and forgot about it. I’ve made salmon before and every time I’m surprised at how easy and yet incredibly delicious it turns out to be.

Super fun fact: my husband has type 1 diabetes and has to bolus for every meal he eats. He counts the total carbs eaten and then calculates how much insulin to put in to his body based on that. For this meal, however, he didn’t have to bolus at all! Which means less extra insulin used! Score!

Recipe here.

When I want dessert I immediately go to chocolate. This is a chocolate-less dessert and while I’m not exactly over the moon, I am pleasantly surprised.

The only taste of key lime pie I’ve had is flavored yogurt. This has a sharper flavor. I think it turned out like it was supposed to. It’s creamy and tart. I didn’t have green food coloring so maybe I should put a green filter over the picture. Kidding.

I ended up having to make a graham cracker pie crust for this dish which counts as another recipe!

Recipe here.

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