Past Few Days!

I didn’t realize it would be this hard to keep up with this blog once school started. It’s my last year of “studentdom” so I just have to keep telling myself, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.”

This week was very……varied. I’ll give you the super quick run-down:

Cheese Enchiladas: LOVE. They’re cheesy, gooey, delicious. Home run.

Recipe here.

Red Beans and Rice: Swing and a miss. I’m just not a bean-girl. The texture kills it for me. I’ll pick around the beans and go for the rice though!

Recipe here.

Slow-cooker Chicken Chow Mein. Not what I expected. It was good! But when I think of chow mien, I think of cheap, greasy, mall food courts and soggy noodles. Apparently that’s NOT what chow mean is. They’re crunchy and salty. Delicious! But not what I was expecting.

Recipe here.

Panfried Fish Fillets: Easy, semi-delicious. Looking back, I wish I’d squirted a lemon on top or something to bring out the flavors. It was all very muted. I made a honey butter sauce that Betty Crocker recommended and poured it on top. I didn’t end up eating a whole lot of it, but I can’t wait to try to make it again.

Recipe here.

Crab Cakes: I should rename mine to crap cakes because these were a fail. I tried to include my best one and my worst one in the picture, but in reality, all of them looked like the worst one. I just got a good angle on the other. They all fell apart and I’m not actually a fan of imitation crab meat it turns out.

Recipe here.

Gingersnaps: I wanted to make these to usher in the fall. It worked! These were so good. They stayed soft until I finally finished off the batch and reminded me of gingerbread cookies.

Recipe here.

Ok, last one for tonight.

Parmesan Orzo and Meatballs: Easy and delicious. I saved some to take as lunch this week. I love orzo and I get excited when I get to use it in recipes. The tomatoes were a perfect addition!

Recipe here.

Whew, sorry about that! I’ll try to be better about that!

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Homemade Baked Beans/Asparagus and Turkey Sausage Skillet/Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies

So next time I decide to make something I could easily buy in a can from complete scratch, I’ll check to see how long it will take. I thought I could just whip these up for dinner. It takes at least four and a half hours! I was NOT about to wait until 10 at night to eat dinner so I pulled out the crockpot and baked them over the next day.

They looked, smelled, and tasted delicious! It made me want to cook up a burger and have a cookout with the neighborhood! And the crockpot made it so much easier.

I couldn’t find the exact recipe online, so here’s a crockpot version.

I have failed you small handful of people that read these posts. I forgot to take a picture of my turkey sausage skillet. I’m so sorry.

Just open the recipe on my girl’s website, look at the picture, and imagine it taken with a cell phone in a poorly lit kitchen.

It looked amazing and it tasted delicious. I enjoyed cooking with pimentos since I’d never gotten to use them before! It was also really easy. A one-pot dish!

Recipe here.

Cookies!!!!! I feel like the cookie monster right now!!!! I love cookies!!!!! This recipe was simple, easy, and I only had to make one unexpected trip to Walmart for more ingredients.

My husband even got in on the fun and helped me dole them out.

The thing I love about the Betty Crocker cookbook is that there are tons of tips on little things you can do to really perfect each dish (cooking on cooled baking sheets, leveling out ingredients, and tons more).

Recipe here.

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Slow-Cooker Pulled Jerk Pork Sandwiches/Brown Sugar-Glazed Carrots

Another crock-pot success!

I didn’t have any jerk seasoning for the pork so I had to make my own. It was a lot of spices! And it was really spicy!

I’m not usually a fan of spicy food, but I thought the pork was amazing. It burned in a very good way! We had leftover french bread from the last meal so we just used that for our sandwiches.

I’m drooling just thinking about how delicious that sandwich was.┬áMy husband had seconds!

The carrots were good too, I just expected something not so…..carroty. I know that sounds silly.

When I see orange food and sugar, my mind automatically goes to sweet potatoes. So I was expecting a sweet potato taste when I ate the carrots. Much to my surprise, I tasted carrots. Which were still good! Just not sweet potatoes. lol

I even tossed in a pan of cornbread! Not Betty Crocker though!

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Slow-Cooker French Dip Sandwiches

Whenever my husband finds himself at a sandwich shop, he LOVES to order the French Dip. It always looked so tasty with the brothy dipping sauce, but I, being the picky eater, was always too scared to try it.

I picked this meal out specifically for him since I’m sure he’s not exactly excited to be my cooking guinea pig (although he hasn’t complained yet).

Let me tell you, these sandwiches were delicious! I didn’t realize how simple french dip sandwiches are!

Literally just chuck roast and french dip. Plus a few herbs and liquids.

I threw all the ingredients in the crock pot this morning and by dinner time it was ready to go right on to the bread!

My husband suggested toasting the bread then taking mozzarella cheese and putting it on 1/2 of the bread so it gets all warm and melty. It made the sandwich so much better than it already was!

Recipe here.

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Sweet & Tangy Short Ribs/Caramelized Onions

Another success! And extremely husband approved!

The short ribs were delicious and just as sweet and tangy as the recipe said. I don’t know that I can say I really developed my cooking skills considering I got to use a crock pot. But I’m still super proud of it!

And it’s extremely husband approved!

Recipe here.

The caramelized onions were sooooooo good. I think you were technically supposed to use them to top a burger or steak, but I just ate them by themselves as a side dish!

They were so sweet. I used vidalia onions and added a little brown sugar.

The husband, of course, didn’t eat any. He did try a bite though! I didn’t push it!

We’ll get there……

Recipe here.

Tomorrow night is French Dip Sandwiches! His favorite!

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