Cheesy Chicken Skillet/Garden Patch Saute


That seemed to be the theme of the evening so it seemed appropriate to scream.



So. Much. Cheese.

Also, I one-hundred percent used the wrong color plate for this dish. I’m so sorry for your eyes.

The chicken skillet was amazingly cheesy and I didn’t even put all that the recipe called for!

I made the mistake of not cooking the carrots long enough so they weren’t tender enough. Whoops! The chicken was still delicious!

I used my cast iron skillet for this dish (every time I use it, I just love it more and more) and the cheese gave it an extra savoriness that my husband will love. It was pretty much a foolproof recipe (unless you’re me and don’t understand how to cook carrots).

Recipe here.

I think my favorite part of dinner was the side dish: Garden Patch Saute

I just love the taste of cooked tomatoes and these were no joke. That, and sautéed mushrooms just sealed the deal for me. I took the leftovers and froze them for a future meal!

Recipe here.

I ate so many veggies this evening, I know my mom would be so proud.

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Omelets/Molten Chocolate Cakes/Oven Pancakes/Happy Birthday to Meeee!!!!!

Happy Birthday to me (helloooo 25!) and I’ve got some catching up to do!

For breakfast, I made my husband and omelets! They have a reputation for being somewhat challenging to flip and I have a reputation for being somewhat challenged with eggs, but I made it work!

This recipe and instructions were foolproof!

I only sprinkled cheddar cheese on my husband’s omelet, but for mine I added diced tomatoes and a mozzarella/cheddar cheese blend. Oh so yummy.

I didn’t know there were so many tricks to getting eggs just right and thanks to my girl Betty, there was virtually no way to mess it up.

Unfortunately, there’s no recipe for a basic omelet online, but there is an instructional video that can be found here.

Notice the mug in the photo. My husband knows what’s up. 😉

We had dinner that evening with several friends for my birthday, but after we got home I tried to make “Molten Chocolate Cakes.”

All I have to say is FAIL. I followed the recipe to a “T” and still ended up with burnt, gross, cakes! I think I’m just unlucky in the baking field.

Supposedly this is the cake most often served by restaurants since it’s so easy and universally liked, but I just couldn’t make it work!

Recipe here.

One last recipe I tried out this weekend was what’s called a “Puffy Oven Pancake.”

The exact recipe wasn’t online, but I found a recipe for German Oven Pancakes that’s pretty darn close. That recipe is here.

The difference between that recipe and the one I made is that there are only 2 eggs needed, no sugar, and 1/2 tsp salt.

So really the only ingredients are:

  • 1/2 cup flour
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 2 tbs butter
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 tsp salt

I am usually terrible at making pancakes. I just can’t get the heat quite at the right temperature!

So my husband was a little skeptical when I told him I made pancakes for breakfast. This pancake was so light and fluffy. We ended up eating it with our hands. It did taste kind of eggy but I thought it was great.

Plus, it was really fun watching the sides of the pancake rise up about 6 inches out of the pie dish! The picture seriously does not do that height justice.

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Angel Hair Pasta with Avocado and Tomatoes


Another yummy recipe in the books!

This one was so easy and included one of my favorites: avocados!

Parmesan cheese was a perfect topping. We only had large flakes of it, but still delicious! I love love love cooked tomatoes. It’s one of the foods my picky self has learned to embrace on this cooking journey.

My husband loved this dish so I know it’s a keeper!

Recipe here.

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Grow Your Quiet Time

I think it can be said for just about everyone that we experience seasons of faith. Whether you’re a Christian or not, our passion for what we believe in ebbs and flows like the tide.

I’ll have periods of my life where I’m extremely faithful with my quiet time. I’ll speak to God throughout my day and my faith is among the strongest it’s ever been.

….And then I’ll have periods of my life where I go weeks without cracking my Bible or offering up a single prayer. I wish I could be constantly hot. But, instead, I find myself more often lukewarm.

Recently, I’ve “woken up” and found myself in a period of complacence. I knew I wasn’t living my faith the way I should. When I bury myself in these ruts, it’s hard to get back to that pedal-to-the-metal type of faith. It’s almost like when I sleep in and it’s just so hard to get out of bed (everyday). I’m asleep in my obedience and selfishly living my life the way I want instead of how God directs us.

Eventually I’ll crack open my dusty devotional, locate my Bible from whatever bookshelf it’s currently living on, and try to establish some sort of routine to get myself back in the Word.

It’s difficult to fully immerse myself and spend all that time in the Word and in prayer when I haven’t done it in weeks. My heart has turned lukewarm and I can’t just snap my fingers and turn the heat up.

But I can spend five minutes a day in prayer and reading a passage of scripture.

I firmly believe that if you wholly and faithfully give God even a small portion of your day, he will take it, grow it, and mold it for his glory.

That moment will turn into an hour, and then a morning, and work it’s way up until he consumes you with his love daily.

No matter what season of faith you’re in, God still loves spending time with you and will bless you if you honor him and are faithful with your time together.

It doesn’t take jumping in head first and saying you’re going to spend one hour every morning and every night in the word. Eventually you may be so thirsty for his word that you end up doing just that.

But if you find yourself in a rut (like me), just offer what you can. For me, that’s 10 minutes a day while the coffee is brewing. But I can feel my faith getting stronger because of those 10 minutes. And I can feel God answering my prayers and convicting me daily to live as a representation of his love. And in a couple of weeks, that quiet time will have evolved because God took it and ran with it.

I like to imagine the passion I have for my faith as a tiny spark within me. Right now it’s small. As I feed it slowly over time, and the kindling gets bigger and bigger, that spark will turn into a flame so bright that the whole world will see it.

Just like the parable of the widow in Luke 21:1-4, give God what you can, faithfully, and he will bless you.

Oh-so-easy Beef Burritos


Another success!

I’m enjoying this small, seemingly insignificant victories.

This recipe was so stinking easy and simple.

I really only had to cook one thing and that was the beef.

Believe it or not……I’ve never eaten beans before……I know, I know, I’m pathetic. But I’m also pathetically picky! I’m determined to become more of an adult now that I’m in a new phase of my life. One of the first steps is to start eating beans. Baby steps!!

The best thing about this recipe is that it is so versatile. You can put anything you want on the burrito! Swap out chicken for beef, add a little rice, add some salsa (like I did), switch out tomatoes for corn, you name it! I will ABSOLUTELY be cooking this again when I need a quick, easy, go-to meal.

Recipe here.

My mind is being blown by these amazing Mexican dishes!

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Lemonade Sorbet/Polenta with Garden Veggies


Over the weekend I made lemonade sorbet! I think sorbet is kind of like ice cream, just water based. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong. I have no idea what I’m saying.

Recipe here

This sorbet had only three ingredients: lemonade concentrate, water, and honey. The amount of water might not have been enough for the concentrate because, let me tell you, it was taaaangy.

But, I soldiered through. If I’m going to make all these foods, I’m sure as heck going to eat them! I spread some extra honey over the top of the sorbet and went to town. It definitely helped and tasted like more of a mix of sweet and sour!

I should have retitled this post “Polenta fail.”

Recipe here

It took an act of God to find polenta in my local grocery store. Apparently it’s not a common delicacy down south. Who knew?

After 4 different store visits, I finally found it pushed to the back of the top shelf in the pasta aisle. Not what I was expecting.

I’ve never eaten polenta, cooked with polenta, or even heard of polenta before this dish so I had no idea what I was getting myself into. The cooking instructions on the packaging did NOT match the cooking instructions online so I threw away a half-cooked batch of polenta because I was sure I was doing it wrong.

Now I was out of polenta (after I dropped 2 pieces on the floor of course…..they were really slippery!).

Luckily, I stock-piled frozen ground beef and had my darling husband cook up a batch.

Bless his heart, he burned about a third of it, but it still tasted delicious.

The veggies were amazing. Not only did the various colors look beautiful, but the mushrooms and onions made it so savory. I switched out zucchini for green beans since I forgot to put them on the grocery list. Best thing is, we have tons of leftovers for more dinners this week!

You live and you learn. What I learned? I just shouldn’t try to cook with polenta. Just don’t do it.

I also learned that maybe I should ask for help!!!

Bean burritos tomorrow night. Surely I can’t mess these up. Any advice will be gladly accepted!

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Lemonade/Chicken Pot Pie/Maple Orange Sweet Potatoes

Two delicious combinations, right? I kid.

Whoever told Betty Crocker that 4 lemons makes a cup of lemonade was either a liar or the Incredible Hulk.

I went through 7 lemons to get 1 cup!

14 lemons…….I squeezed 14 lemons….. I’m thinking about going in for a forearm massage later.

When it was all said and done, I had delicious looking lemonade BUT it was super tangy. Where I grew up, we added copious amounts of sugar to everything. I added half a cup of sugar at a time until I was satisfied and ended up with 2 more cups of sugar in the lemonade than I started with. Don’t judge!

But for real, the Lemonade is delicious and I feel super fancy drinking it out of my super fancy pitcher that I got as a wedding gift and have never gotten to use yet.

Recipe here: Lemonade

I’m going to admit, I’ve never even eaten, much less made a chicken pot pie. This one was a doozy.

The hardest part was rolling out the pie crust and making it fit the pan though! Maybe I should have used a pie dish and made it easier on myself…..

It wasn’t pretty, but it was so delicious! I scarfed down two servings and then promptly took a nap. Next time I think I’ll add more pepper, but this was a foolproof recipe.

I’ll attach the link here: Chicken Pot Pie

Dinner was a special steak recipe I found (not Betty Crocker) and Maple-Orange Sweet Potatoes.

This steak recipe is SO GOOD y’all. I’ll link it here.

I had bought some steaks at a great price from Sam’s a few months ago and was looking for a good recipe to use them on. I stumbled upon this one and thus started my love of balsamic vinegar.

Sometimes I make the tomato topping without steak just because its so amazing.

I only deviated from my Betty Crocker Challenge because I promised my husband I’d make these steaks to mark our birthdays. They’re only nine days apart so it’s really fun to celebrate together.

Now I don’t have the best relationship with potatoes. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve never been able to properly cook tomatoes. 99% of the time they’re not cooked enough. That’s my one weakness, but I was determined not to let it stop me today.

The recipe says “prick potato several times with fork.” If I’m going to cook potatoes, I’m going to make sure I do it right. I went to town on that baby. I spent the whole time the oven was warming up poking as many holes in that sucker that I felt could fit. I was stabbing it with a fork like nobody’s business. Not this time potatoes…..

And it worked! The potatoes turned out just as cooked as they should be!

I’m not sure I should have paired the potatoes with the steak. I wasn’t prepared for how sweet they would turn out (I should have known considering the recipe calls for maple sugar). It was a different kind of side dish than I was used to, I’ll admit. I think it would be really good as a breakfast dish served on toast. Next time!

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