Country French Chicken and Rice/Whoopie Pies

Oooo this dish was so fancy! I felt so french! I loved that I didn’t have to cook the rice separately. It all cooked in the same dish! It’s practically idiot-proof (unless you’re me and don’t check to make sure the chicken is cooked all the way before serving it to your darling, patient husband).

I also accidentally cook rice too long so that it’s unbearable mushy, but this way, it was a breeze and turned out great! I’ll be a pro chef in no time, oui oui!

Recipe here.

I’ve never had homemade whoopee pies and these are sinful. I was a little heavy handed on the creme filling so I had to pick the prettiest ones and then freeze them for about 10 minutes before I could take this picture. without them sliding apart.

I think I got about 12 cavities from one of these babies…..worth it!

Recipe here.

Quick shoutout- I’ve been watching a lot of the food network lately for ~inspiration~ and because we got sling and that’s one of the best channels on there. And I discovered Trisha’s Southern Kitchen, a show featuring Trisha Yearwood.

–I can’t forget my girl, the Pioneer Woman, always number one on my show queue– 

But, she made a drink on her show called a Porch Punch and my mind could think of nothing else the rest of the day. All I had to buy to make it was fresh mint leaves so I made it happen. I made a pitcher and oooooo it is so smooth.

Try it.

It’s so freaking good.

Recipe here.

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Wheat Berry Salad/Cheesy Pizza Casserole

I had to go to the nearest whole foods (40 minutes away) just to find these dang wheat berries. And even the cashier didn’t know what they were!

But let me tell you, they were actually really good! It functions similarly to quinoa as a rice or pasta substitute. It had a nuttier flavor.

I really liked it in this dish mixed with all the veggies! The dressing also really tied everything together!

Recipe here.

I’m ashamed to admit I had another doh! moment. My timer went off, I went to take the casserole out of the oven, noticed it wasn’t quite as hot and bubbly as I expected, and realized I turned the oven off at some point. Fail.

Not knowing exactly when I turned the oven off, I reheated it, and put the casserole in the oven for 15 minutes. Since the pasta and beef were already cooked, it turned out okay. Actually, delicious! I’ll never hate a dish that includes pasta sauce and copious amounts of cheese.

My husband got home late and devoured it almost as soon as he smelled it. Success!

Recipe here.

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Asian Grilled Tuna with Wasabi Aioli/Asian Chicken Salad Lettuce Cups

Okay. First of all, I have not found one fish recipe that is not delicious. I mean, all you have to do is marinade it for a couple of hours then broil it for 10-15 minutes and, voila! delicious fish. Whether its salmon or tuna, it turns out delicious and is SO easy.

I just have to apologize to my husband for not starting dinner until 7 and then realizing its going to take 2 hours to marinade. Whoops!

Also, aioli is just salad dressing with horseradish. Who knew? We ended up basically having tuna and ranch for dinner. Not a bad combination!

Recipe here.

The lettuce cups were….interesting. I think the peanut sauce threw me off. It tasted like a fancier version of peanut butter. My uncultured tastebuds didn’t react well.

I added in water chestnuts to the dish because that was in the recipe. I forgot that my husband hates water chestnuts with a passion, even more than he hates onions. I had to do a lot of apologizing because there were a LOT of water chestnuts in this dish.

For some reason, I love these lettuce cups when I’m out at a restaurant (looking at you, P.F. Chang’s) but I just couldn’t seem to enjoy it quite as much at home.

I had to make the peanut sauce for this dish so that counts as one more recipe! Score!

Recipe here.

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Eggplant Parmigiana/Family Favorite Mac & Cheese/Fabulous Three-Berry Tart

This eggplant parmigiana was legiiiiit. I fried the eggplants AND cooked them. I’d never had eggplants before and, honestly, I couldn’t really taste them that well in the dish.

If a dish is smothered in tons of tomato sauce and cheese, chances are I’m going to love it. And this was no exception. Plus, it looked really pretty piecing it together. I’m sure this is a great vegetarian dish!

Recipe here.

I thought my life was going to be changed upon eating this mac and cheese. Turns out, I’m a much simpler girl than I thought and prefer the velveeta and milk version. This dish was great and I loved alllll the cheese. I think cooking the pasta and then baking the mac and cheese gave it a mushy texture that I’m personally not a huge fan of.

I do think people need to give this dish a try! There’s no such thing as bad mac and cheese, right?

Recipe here.

I didn’t have a tart pan so I ended up having to use my pie dish. Just imagine it’s all pretty and set out!

Easy, creamy, sweet. I can’t complain! I made the mistake of using frozen fruit so they didn’t turn out as pretty as I wanted, but they’re still delicious!

Recipe here.

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Almond Poppy Seed Muffin/Strawberry Smoothie/Meatballs/Homemade Pasta

These muffins were easy and great! I felt semi-healthy because of the almonds included. Will for sure be making again!

I love easy recipes like this because they’re a little confidence booster and make me feel like I sort of know what I’m doing.

Recipe here.

This strawberry smoothie was also super easy. Only 3 ingredients!

I loved it because I usually make smoothies with ice. I like the texture and the temperature it helps keep the smoothie.

I used frozen fruit and it was a great substitute for ice. It kept the smoothie cold while giving it the texture I love.

I used frozen bananas and strawberries and it made the smoothie turn out suuuuper bubble gum pink!

Recipe here.

My meatballs looked a little sad when they came out of the oven. I didn’t have an onion to add to the dish so there was too much liquid put into the meat.

They were still delicious. I also didn’t have bread crumbs so I toasted some slices really quick and tossed them in. It seemed to work out okay!

Recipe here.

Omg y’all. My pasta was an interesting experience to make. I will never, I repeat never, make homemade pasta without a pasta maker again.

The pasta was too sticky and I couldn’t keep it from sticking to itself. I had to cut with a pizza cutter. Every piece was uneven. It was just a mess. You can tell in the picture that the noodles are all different sizes. Whoops!

It wasn’t terrible to eat, however, just terrible to make.

Recipe here.

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Oven Fried Chicken/Hash Brown Potatoes/Dinner Rolls

Man oh man. This chicken was legit and it looked beautiful coming out of the oven. The only thing wrong is that it turned out a little dry. I’m cautious with my chicken, sometimes maybe too cautious. I let it cook a little longer than recommended. My bad.

Huge props to my sweet husband for cutting up a whole chicken. I couldn’t stomach tearing it apart and he pulled through like a champ. He felt very proud of himself the rest of the day and I don’t blame him!

Recipe here.

The hash brown potatoes were a lot of fun to prep and cook. I got to shred potatoes! This dish was so easy yet so complex. I opted for the cheesy version by topping it with healthy amounts of cheddar. You know it’s good when everyone eating gets seconds!

The exact recipe is not online, but there’s a similar, yet more complicated recipe here.

I admit, the dinner rolls are another repeat recipe. They still turn out delicious every single time. Plus, I love getting to use my little bread basket my nana gave me.

Recipe here.

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Lemon Dijon Pan Steak


Just like salmon, I’m always amazed at how easy steak is. It seems so intimidating and such a serious dish, but all of the work is in the prep.

I’ve made steaks before so I knew to let the steak rest both before and after it’s cooked. The lemon dijon sauce was a great topping. Husband approved and another bolus-free meal!

Recipe here.

I had planned to make a grilled veggie side dish, but stupid me didn’t realize you needed the actual grill. So we opted to skip the side since it’s the middle of the week and our days are busy.

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