White Chicken Chili/Chocolate Truffle Torte

I said in my last blog post that I don’t care for the texture of beans. I’m having to eat my words (literally!) because this chili has TWO different kinds of beans in it: great northern beans and lima beans.

I put extra chicken in hoping that I wouldn’t hate it as much. I found that the beans actually weren’t that bad!

Maybe I just needed them to be seeped in chicken broth, but I actually finished off my bowl!

I’m hoping my mom doesn’t disown me though…. She HATES lima beans. I’d seriously never eaten a lima bean until I went to my husband’s house this past May. My mom just wouldn’t ever serve it to us because she hates them that much. She also hates liver but I don’t think I’ll be trying that any time soon!

It’s still technically August, but I’m trying to make dishes that remind me of Fall. I’m a fall girl!

Recipe here.

What could make any dessert irresistible to me? One word: chocolate. I’m obsessed with it. I constantly have one of those giant chocolate bars on standby just in case I need a fix.

This dessert was absolutely sinful. It’s unfortunate, but I just HAD to do my civil duty by making it on a Sunday night. It’s in the name of research!

The recipe in the book actually calls for hazelnuts to be added in, but our local grocery store doesn’t carry them currently.

Recipe here.

95/691 recipes!

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