Asian Grilled Tuna with Wasabi Aioli/Asian Chicken Salad Lettuce Cups

Okay. First of all, I have not found one fish recipe that is not delicious. I mean, all you have to do is marinade it for a couple of hours then broil it for 10-15 minutes and, voila! delicious fish. Whether its salmon or tuna, it turns out delicious and is SO easy.

I just have to apologize to my husband for not starting dinner until 7 and then realizing its going to take 2 hours to marinade. Whoops!

Also, aioli is just salad dressing with horseradish. Who knew? We ended up basically having tuna and ranch for dinner. Not a bad combination!

Recipe here.

The lettuce cups were….interesting. I think the peanut sauce threw me off. It tasted like a fancier version of peanut butter. My uncultured tastebuds didn’t react well.

I added in water chestnuts to the dish because that was in the recipe. I forgot that my husband hates water chestnuts with a passion, even more than he hates onions. I had to do a lot of apologizing because there were a LOT of water chestnuts in this dish.

For some reason, I love these lettuce cups when I’m out at a restaurant (looking at you, P.F. Chang’s) but I just couldn’t seem to enjoy it quite as much at home.

I had to make the peanut sauce for this dish so that counts as one more recipe! Score!

Recipe here.

63/691 recipes!

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