Oven Fried Chicken/Hash Brown Potatoes/Dinner Rolls

Man oh man. This chicken was legit and it looked beautiful coming out of the oven. The only thing wrong is that it turned out a little dry. I’m cautious with my chicken, sometimes maybe too cautious. I let it cook a little longer than recommended. My bad.

Huge props to my sweet husband for cutting up a whole chicken. I couldn’t stomach tearing it apart and he pulled through like a champ. He felt very proud of himself the rest of the day and I don’t blame him!

Recipe here.

The hash brown potatoes were a lot of fun to prep and cook. I got to shred potatoes! This dish was so easy yet so complex. I opted for the cheesy version by topping it with healthy amounts of cheddar. You know it’s good when everyone eating gets seconds!

The exact recipe is not online, but there’s a similar, yet more complicated recipe here.

I admit, the dinner rolls are another repeat recipe. They still turn out delicious every single time. Plus, I love getting to use my little bread basket my nana gave me.

Recipe here.

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