Honey Mustard Glazed Salmon/Easy Key Lime Pie


Oh my goodness you guys, I freaking love salmon. Seriously. It is so good and when it’s marinaded in a soy sauce brown sugar marinade, I could die immediately and go to heaven.


So good.


In all seriousness, this recipe was so easy. I feel like inexperienced chefs (like me) get intimidated by salmon. It seems like such a fancy dish (fancy meaning, not using cheap chicken) that it should be too hard for the average cook.

I cannot stress how easy this meal was to make. I popped it in the oven and forgot about it. I’ve made salmon before and every time I’m surprised at how easy and yet incredibly delicious it turns out to be.

Super fun fact: my husband has type 1 diabetes and has to bolus for every meal he eats. He counts the total carbs eaten and then calculates how much insulin to put in to his body based on that. For this meal, however, he didn’t have to bolus at all! Which means less extra insulin used! Score!

Recipe here.

When I want dessert I immediately go to chocolate. This is a chocolate-less dessert and while I’m not exactly over the moon, I am pleasantly surprised.

The only taste of key lime pie I’ve had is flavored yogurt. This has a sharper flavor. I think it turned out like it was supposed to. It’s creamy and tart. I didn’t have green food coloring so maybe I should put a green filter over the picture. Kidding.

I ended up having to make a graham cracker pie crust for this dish which counts as another recipe!

Recipe here.

50/691 recipes! Whaaaaaaat!!?

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