Homemade Baked Beans/Asparagus and Turkey Sausage Skillet/Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies

So next time I decide to make something I could easily buy in a can from complete scratch, I’ll check to see how long it will take. I thought I could just whip these up for dinner. It takes at least four and a half hours! I was NOT about to wait until 10 at night to eat dinner so I pulled out the crockpot and baked them over the next day.

They looked, smelled, and tasted delicious! It made me want to cook up a burger and have a cookout with the neighborhood! And the crockpot made it so much easier.

I couldn’t find the exact recipe online, so here’s a crockpot version.

I have failed you small handful of people that read these posts. I forgot to take a picture of my turkey sausage skillet. I’m so sorry.

Just open the recipe on my girl’s website, look at the picture, and imagine it taken with a cell phone in a poorly lit kitchen.

It looked amazing and it tasted delicious. I enjoyed cooking with pimentos since I’d never gotten to use them before! It was also really easy. A one-pot dish!

Recipe here.

Cookies!!!!! I feel like the cookie monster right now!!!! I love cookies!!!!! This recipe was simple, easy, and I only had to make one unexpected trip to Walmart for more ingredients.

My husband even got in on the fun and helped me dole them out.

The thing I love about the Betty Crocker cookbook is that there are tons of tips on little things you can do to really perfect each dish (cooking on cooled baking sheets, leveling out ingredients, and tons more).

Recipe here.

43/691 recipes!

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