Apple Butter/Easy Cream Biscuits/Fried Rice

Y’all, let me tell you, this apple butter was so much fun to make! I felt totally legit chopping up chunks of green apples and tossing it into a dutch oven with the spices and letting it simmer for hours! Plus, I got to use my new massive dutch oven I just got from my sweet mom for my birthday!

My favorite part about getting to make this recipe is that it made a ton of apple butter that I get to share with my family. I distributed it into 5 mason jars and will be their personal delivery girl tonight! I love being able to love them with food!

I had never had apple butter before either, but it was delicious! I always shied away from it at Cracker Barrel because, I mean, the strawberry jelly was right there. But I’m a believer. And this stuff is goooood. I googled what else you can put apple butter on and there are options! It’s not just for biscuits!

Recipe here.

Biscuits are a southern staple and these Easy Cream Biscuits don’t lie. They are super easy! Plus, they’re impossible to mess up unless you just forget them in the oven. I topped them with the homemade apple butter and it made a perfect start to my day.

I learned that I need a biscuit cutter. I had to use a mason jar lid for these!

Recipe here.

I have to admit, I’ve made this fried rice recipe before. I LOVE chicken fried rice and this is a foolproof recipe. I still remember the first time I made it, it changed my life (you think I’m kidding). It was shortly after my husband and I got married and I remember thinking, “hey, I could actually do this. I can COOK!”

For some reason, ever since then, I have been absolutely unable to cook rice so that it doesn’t turn out mushy. I can’t get the hang of the boil-then-simmer. Simmering is an anomaly to me. Advice is much much needed/appreciated!

I ran out of chicken after the previous night’s dinner, the husband was out of town, and I was feeling lazy, so I didn’t bother adding meat to this dish. It was still good!

Plus, I love feeling like a serious cook by getting to use my wok!

Recipe here.

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