Chicken Marsala/Roasted Vegetables/S’mores Swirl Bread


Y’all, I can’t tell you how fancy I felt cooking with cooking wine. Does this make me legit now?

I convinced my husband to help me out with this meal (he wasn’t complaining, he got to hammer down the chicken to make it thinner). We don’t have a meat tenderizer so I had him use an actual hammer. It worked! He even breaded the chicken for me!

The chicken was cooked beautifully but I think I burned some of the mushrooms. I always expect skillet-cooked chicken to be dry, but this one wasn’t at all.

I served it over pasta like Betty suggested and it was an amazing dish!

Recipe here.

I didn’t realize how many assorted vegetable recipes there were in this cookbook. And they’re all just a little different.

These vegetables were to be roasted in the oven. This has been my favorite vegetable dish to prepare so far. I just put it on a pan and leave it in the oven. No standing at the stove stirring every few seconds.

It had my favorite……tomatoes! AND get this you guys, my husband tried a mushroom AND a piece of bell pepper. And he liked it! I’m so proud! *tears up*

Recipe here.

And finally, my favorite recipe of the day…..S’MORES BREAD!!!! Anything that has the word s’mores in front of it is going to be delicious. S’mores frappachinos…..s’mores…..and anything else that is s’mores flavored (I’ll think of some later). This bread was certainly not an exception.

I didn’t have chocolate bars so I just used milk chocolate chips and they were just as delicious! The graham cracker crumbs both on top and inside the bread gave it a crunchy texture that is still making me drool thinking about it.

The best part about only cooking for two people is I get to snack on this dessert for the rest of the week! I might share with my husband if he’s lucky.

Recipe here.

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