Garden Vegetable Spaghetti

Another veggie dish! This one’s for you mom!

But seriously. Enough veggies already. I’m feeling a little TOO healthy. Time to scarf down a chocolate bar. (You think I’m kidding)

The husband wasn’t too crazy about it because of his hatred of onions. I thought it was great. I thought I hated peas, but it turns out they’re kind of delicious! I’m digging the whole spaghetti with no sauce thing. I feel like an ~adult~.

I couldn’t use zucchini for this dish because I used all of my supply last night. I’m all zucchini’d out anyway.

Also, I had a chance for redemption from my carrot disaster last night and I’m very pleased to announce that my carrots were fully cooked! Progress!

I’d love to know what other foods you like to put in your pasta instead of sauce! Let me know and I’ll check it out!

Recipe here.

I’m ready for MEAT. This dish was great and is an easy go-to meal during the week, but I want a little spice! Good thing tomorrow is going to be Sweet and Tangy Short Ribs!!!!!!!!!! And a slow cooker meal!!!!!!!!!!

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