Cheesy Chicken Skillet/Garden Patch Saute


That seemed to be the theme of the evening so it seemed appropriate to scream.



So. Much. Cheese.

Also, I one-hundred percent used the wrong color plate for this dish. I’m so sorry for your eyes.

The chicken skillet was amazingly cheesy and I didn’t even put all that the recipe called for!

I made the mistake of not cooking the carrots long enough so they weren’t tender enough. Whoops! The chicken was still delicious!

I used my cast iron skillet for this dish (every time I use it, I just love it more and more) and the cheese gave it an extra savoriness that my husband will love. It was pretty much a foolproof recipe (unless you’re me and don’t understand how to cook carrots).

Recipe here.

I think my favorite part of dinner was the side dish: Garden Patch Saute

I just love the taste of cooked tomatoes and these were no joke. That, and sautéed mushrooms just sealed the deal for me. I took the leftovers and froze them for a future meal!

Recipe here.

I ate so many veggies this evening, I know my mom would be so proud.

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