Lemonade Sorbet/Polenta with Garden Veggies


Over the weekend I made lemonade sorbet! I think sorbet is kind of like ice cream, just water based. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong. I have no idea what I’m saying.

Recipe here

This sorbet had only three ingredients: lemonade concentrate, water, and honey. The amount of water might not have been enough for the concentrate because, let me tell you, it was taaaangy.

But, I soldiered through. If I’m going to make all these foods, I’m sure as heck going to eat them! I spread some extra honey over the top of the sorbet and went to town. It definitely helped and tasted like more of a mix of sweet and sour!

I should have retitled this post “Polenta fail.”

Recipe here

It took an act of God to find polenta in my local grocery store. Apparently it’s not a common delicacy down south. Who knew?

After 4 different store visits, I finally found it pushed to the back of the top shelf in the pasta aisle. Not what I was expecting.

I’ve never eaten polenta, cooked with polenta, or even heard of polenta before this dish so I had no idea what I was getting myself into. The cooking instructions on the packaging did NOT match the cooking instructions online so I threw away a half-cooked batch of polenta because I was sure I was doing it wrong.

Now I was out of polenta (after I dropped 2 pieces on the floor of course…..they were really slippery!).

Luckily, I stock-piled frozen ground beef and had my darling husband cook up a batch.

Bless his heart, he burned about a third of it, but it still tasted delicious.

The veggies were amazing. Not only did the various colors look beautiful, but the mushrooms and onions made it so savory. I switched out zucchini for green beans since I forgot to put them on the grocery list. Best thing is, we have tons of leftovers for more dinners this week!

You live and you learn. What I learned? I just shouldn’t try to cook with polenta. Just don’t do it.

I also learned that maybe I should ask for help!!!

Bean burritos tomorrow night. Surely I can’t mess these up. Any advice will be gladly accepted!

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