Lemonade/Chicken Pot Pie/Maple Orange Sweet Potatoes

Two delicious combinations, right? I kid.

Whoever told Betty Crocker that 4 lemons makes a cup of lemonade was either a liar or the Incredible Hulk.

I went through 7 lemons to get 1 cup!

14 lemons…….I squeezed 14 lemons….. I’m thinking about going in for a forearm massage later.

When it was all said and done, I had delicious looking lemonade BUT it was super tangy. Where I grew up, we added copious amounts of sugar to everything. I added half a cup of sugar at a time until I was satisfied and ended up with 2 more cups of sugar in the lemonade than I started with. Don’t judge!

But for real, the Lemonade is delicious and I feel super fancy drinking it out of my super fancy pitcher that I got as a wedding gift and have never gotten to use yet.

Recipe here: Lemonade

I’m going to admit, I’ve never even eaten, much less made a chicken pot pie. This one was a doozy.

The hardest part was rolling out the pie crust and making it fit the pan though! Maybe I should have used a pie dish and made it easier on myself…..

It wasn’t pretty, but it was so delicious! I scarfed down two servings and then promptly took a nap. Next time I think I’ll add more pepper, but this was a foolproof recipe.

I’ll attach the link here: Chicken Pot Pie

Dinner was a special steak recipe I found (not Betty Crocker) and Maple-Orange Sweet Potatoes.

This steak recipe is SO GOOD y’all. I’ll link it here.

I had bought some steaks at a great price from Sam’s a few months ago and was looking for a good recipe to use them on. I stumbled upon this one and thus started my love of balsamic vinegar.

Sometimes I make the tomato topping without steak just because its so amazing.

I only deviated from my Betty Crocker Challenge because I promised my husband I’d make these steaks to mark our birthdays. They’re only nine days apart so it’s really fun to celebrate together.

Now I don’t have the best relationship with potatoes. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve never been able to properly cook tomatoes. 99% of the time they’re not cooked enough. That’s my one weakness, but I was determined not to let it stop me today.

The recipe says “prick potato several times with fork.” If I’m going to cook potatoes, I’m going to make sure I do it right. I went to town on that baby. I spent the whole time the oven was warming up poking as many holes in that sucker that I felt could fit. I was stabbing it with a fork like nobody’s business. Not this time potatoes…..

And it worked! The potatoes turned out just as cooked as they should be!

I’m not sure I should have paired the potatoes with the steak. I wasn’t prepared for how sweet they would turn out (I should have known considering the recipe calls for maple sugar). It was a different kind of side dish than I was used to, I’ll admit. I think it would be really good as a breakfast dish served on toast. Next time!

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