Huevos Rancheros Success!

I did it! My first recipe turned out edible and my husband loved it!! He’s even pickier than I am (I’m working on it, okay!?).  Huevos Rancheros was surprisingly easy and SO DELICIOUS. It will definitely be a repeat recipe.

I’m cheap and decided to use a larger tortilla than was recommended. I could just hear Alton Brown’s Cutthroat Kitchen commentary, “Use a smaller tortilla so the salsa will soften it enough to cut through.” Next time…

I will admit, I made myself two plates of this dish. The first time, I forgot the cheese. *facepalm*. The second WITH cheese was definitely worth the extra tortilla used. Second time’s a charm, right?

Here’s a link to the online recipe:

Huevos Rancheros Recipe

My husband doesn’t like fried eggs so I simply scrambled them. I skipped out on the chorizo for mine (Walmart pick-up only does SPAM chorizo where I am and I just couldn’t stomach canned meat).

Here’s what my finished product looked like:


I need to work on my photo-editing skills, but the deliciousness still comes across, right?

Lunch was cucumber salad and feta-topped chicken.

The cucumber salad was light and great for a summer meal. I might have been a little heavy handed on the vinegar. Still delicious though!

I use Tyson’s boneless, skinless chicken breast and keep it in the freezer. They can get a little thick so I think I probably should have pounded them a few times with a meat tenderizer. You live and you learn…

The center of the chicken didn’t cook as fast as the outside so I had to leave them in the oven a little longer than required. They turned out just a teensy bit too tough. The tomatoes and feta were great toppings though!

Husband approved again! Two for two!


Still working on my photo-editing skills.     -I’m no photographer!-

Next up: Old-fashioned Lemonade and Chicken Pot Pie!

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